WW archive > Issue 1345 - 29 April 2021


Free speech; Not voting; Anti-Zionism; Defend China; Reunification?; Repression; Sheepdogging; Unite election

Behind the Lulu Lytle wallpaper

Sleaze stories about the Downing Street flat and Boris Johnson’s character aim to protect the general regime of corruption. Mike Macnair paints the bigger picture

Necessity of social control

We do not trust the government, writes Eddie Ford. But nor do we support unrestricted liberty

That was the league that wasn’t

Defeat of the European Super League project is welcome, but redeeming football will take imagination, suggests Paul Demarty

Drugs war bad

With ever increasing numbers of desperate Latin American people fleeing for their lives, Daniel Lazare looks at those on the left who refuse to address the central problem

No reliance on Good Friday

As shown by the resignation of Arlene Foster, unionism is in profound crisis. But can the left take the lead and build working class unity? Anne McShane reports on the Conference for an Alternative United Ireland

Electioneering without candidates

Yassamine Mather attacks the sham presidential election and the imperialist-financed opposition alike

Hauled before courts of injustice

Against the background of continuing tensions in Syria and Iraq, Esen Uslu reports on the legal assault on the internal Kurdish opposition

Chatham House ‘left’

Who stands for what and who says what - such basic information should not be treated as the private property of a select few. Derek James calls for openness

Two days left

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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