WW archive > Issue 1292 - 25 March 2020


Disconnect; Scurrilous; Better late; Coronavirus; Alternative; Limit top pay; Backyard; Discriminatory

Covid-19 and how to fight it

Jack Conrad presents a communist response to the combined health and economic crisis

Rise to the challenge

Sinn Féin might be about to join a grand coalition, but the left should not join Sinn Féin, argues Anne McShane.

Surplus to requirements

To say that the ANC’s response to the pandemic is ‘inadequate’ would be a total understatement, writes Peter Manson. As a result many thousands will pay the ultimate price.

Fourth emergency service

Eddie Ford says postal workers must not allow management to use the pandemic crisis as an excuse to launch further attacks on the union.

Lenin for unity

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Overdrawn lessons

The USA needs socialism, writes Jim Creegan, not a democratic revolution.

End of the line

Covid-19 has done away with Britain’s rail franchising system. Paul Demarty, for one, is not going to miss it.

Coming home to roost

Richard Galen describes how NHS workers are doing their best to cope following years of Tory cuts.

What we are doing

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