WW archive > Issue 1285 - 07 February 2020

The Huawei panic and US decline

A dispute over the building of the UK’s 5G network exposes the ambiguous role of military competition in capitalist progress, argues Paul Demarty.


Capitalist Lexit; UC must go; Cuts kill

On target for disaster

James Linney looks at the ever growing waiting times.

Stronger than ever

While it is good that Trump was acquitted, writes Daniel Lazare, the slide into authoritarianism is now set to continue.

Two alternatives

James Marshall discusses the clear choice facing the Sheffield conference of the Labour left.

Imperialist idol

Chris Gray considers the fabulous wealth, conquests and dreams of Cecil Rhodes.

Salvini, Israel and anti-Semitism

In Italy IHRA-style propaganda is linked to anti-migrant racism, writes Toby Abse.

Here we go again

Red lines, cliff edges, friction, no deal, hard Brexit … Eddie Ford gets a sense of déjà vu.

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