WW archive > Issue 1268 - 26 September 2019

Judges, politics and democracy

Mike Macnair warns that the Supreme Court decision on prorogation could be used as a precedent to block radical measures by a Labour government.


Extremism; Brexit; Banner; Down the pan; Corbyn’s victory; Population; Empowerment

Watson survives for the moment

There was a growing mood of defiance on display amongst CLP delegates, writes William Sarsfield.

Politics of the past, politics of the future

Bill Hodgson of Labour Party Marxists reports that, although in terms of numbers the right was hardly in evidence at conference, there were big clashes and latent possibilities.

Democratise the block vote

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reminds us of one of the key tasks we face

But not in with the old

David Sherriff says that, while it was right for delegates in Brighton to vote for the old Fabian clause four, now the task must be to unite around a Marxist alternative.

Battle far from won

While the majority of CLP delegates reject the anti-left smear campaign, the right has the backing of the capitalist media. That, together with a conciliating leadership, gives them the upper hand, writes Peter Manson.

The party organ of the state

Paul Demarty comments on the retirement of John Humphrys from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Abolish the filibuster

The constitution of the United States is designed to thwart democracy, observes Dan Lazare.

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