WW archive > Issue 1265 - 05 September 2019

Heads I win, tails you lose

Stay focused, urges Eddie Ford. Prorogation was not a ‘coup’ and the central question still remains transforming the Labour Party - not a general election.


Leave now!; State capitalism; China programme; New world

Looking for foreign success

Yassamine Mather asks what effect the presidential campaign will have on US relations with the Islamic Republic.

Outmanoeuvred by Johnson

The left’s response to the prorogation of parliament betrays a shallow view of democracy, argues Paul Demarty.

Climate change and system change

Mainstream politicians, jetting royals, ‘progressive’ capitalists and their army of paid persuaders have no serious programme to avert runaway climate change. We on the Marxist left have. This article is based on a talk given to Communist University on August 18 by Jack Conrad.

Organisation or ‘direct actionism’?

Mike Macnair takes issue with Charlie Post over his critiques of Vivek Chibber and James Muldoon on strategy.

Spaces for left thinking

Despite witch-hunting attempts, CU saw a full week of open and frank debate, reports Danny Hammill.

Reputational self-harm

Hammersmith and Fulham council is appealing against the employment tribunal’s decision that its dismissal of Stan Keable was ‘unfair’. Ed Kirby reports.

Main enemy is at home ... and abroad

Erdoğan’s attempts to crush the Kurds face constant frustration, reports Esen Uslu.

Summer Offensive

Kind words

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