WW archive > Issue 1192 - 01 March 2018

Charities and purity politics

As the Oxfam affair unfolds, Paul Demarty asks why the wave of sexual harassment scandals has given more ammunition to the right than the left


Not fair; New Ramsay; No mystery; Miners’ history; Ignominy

Wave of militancy

Kevin Bean of Liverpool UCU (personal capacity)

Theresa May’s à la carte menu

Three-course dinner or a packet of crisps? Eddie Ford looks at the latest Brexit developments

Too early to celebrate

Iain McNicol gone, JLM calling the police, rumours about Ken Livingstone being reinstated … But it’s not all plain sailing for the left, warns Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Anti-fascists on the march

As the far right becomes more emboldened, Toby Abse reports on the disgraceful attempt of the PD leadership to ban leftwing protests

‘Wrong sort’ of privatisation

In the first of two articles, Yassamine Mather examines the development of Iran’s economy since the Islamic revolution

Arms and the man

The question of gun control is not as straightforward as it may appear, writes Mike Macnair

One tactic only

Socialist Party in England and Wales’s position on Labour is more confused than ever, writes Peter Manson

Even better

Robbie Rix congratulates

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