WW archive > Issue 119 - 23 November 1995

Reality behind fairytale family

It is hard to conceive how Di’s wish for a more down to earth monarchy could ever come about when her interview emphasised just what an artificial and inhuman institution it is. Nevertheless the establishment will do all it can to make sure it survives


Living paper; Distinction; Inexplicable; Lefty

In brief...

Fools rush in

Bob Smith - For A Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Thoughts on unity

From 'The Communist', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, November 25 1920

Second-best prescription

Toeing the party line

Danny Hammill reviews 'Art and Power: Europe under the dictators 1930-45' at Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre (October 26 1995 - January 21 1996, £5, £3.50 concessions)

Lethal ignorance

The ‘E’ market

CPA celebrates 75 years

Marcus Larsen reports from Australia

Ford workers show the way

Tupe sackings

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