WW archive > Issue 1178 - 09 November 2017

Dangerous times

The United States and Saudi Arabia seem to be readying for war against Iran, writes Yassamine Mather


Dogmatism; Policing workers; Free speech; Campaign on; Deselect them; International; No stopping us; Off the fence

Marx, Lenin and 1917

Was it possible, asks Marc Mulholland, for a bourgeois revolution to end in socialism?

Shutting out reality

The SWP has been dragged into the sexual harassment scandal. Paul Demarty revisits the case

Offering a real cure

Ending the current chronic underfunding would be just the first step in overcoming the NHS mental-healthcare crisis, writes James Linney

Putting the record straight

Over the course of this centenary year we have featured a range of different authors giving their evaluation of Bolshevism and the role of Lenin. Jack Conrad argues that those who still insist on claiming that there was some kind of programmatic break in April 1917 are, for their own particular reasons, desperate to defend a radically false version of history

Of course we can!

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