WW archive > Issue 1122 - 15 September 2016

After Corbyn’s second victory

The failed coup presents the left with an unparalleled historic opportunity. James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists outlines a programme of immediate tasks and long-term strategic goals


An RS moment?; Pollitt advice; Out of his depth; Contempt; Word is; Role models

Lexiteers all at sea

Both the Morning Star’s CPB and SPEW advocate immigration controls and socialism in one country, notes Mike Macnair

Ethnic cleansing?

Binyamin Netanyahu’s video might have caused outrage, but Zionism still has friends in high places. Tony Greenstein comments

Skewered by moralism

An old-fashioned tabloid scandal? Harley Filben looks at the Keith Vaz affair

Media: old and new

What is the impact of technology on the mass media? How can the left overcome its marginality in the public discourse? Should we trust Google searches? Paul Demarty addressed the past, present and future of the media at this year’s Communist University

Still stuck in the Jackson Hole

It is profits that matter and investment that decides, writes Michael Roberts

Second to none

It's hands in pockets time, says Robbie Rix

Democracy, not meritocracy

What lies behind Theresa May’s grammar school wheeze? Charlotte Black says it has nothing to do with equality of opportunity

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