WW archive > Issue 1120 - 01 September 2016

Two Noam Chomskys

Chris Knight discusses his new book, where he contrasts Chomsky, the principled political activist, with Chomsky, the military researcher


Robin Hoodism; In and out; Wizardry; Expectations; Future routes; Fascistic; Glasgow homeless

Abstraction in style

George Monbiot How did we get into this mess? Politics, equality, nature Verso Books, 2014, pp352, £16.99

Burying the scandal

The western media has shown little interest in new revelations about the slaughter of political prisoners in 1988, reports Yassamine Mather

End the bans and proscriptions

Once the Labour Party was characterised by tolerance and inclusion, all working class organisations were welcome - no longer. James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists explores the history

Back to normal?

Robbie Rix has high hopes that we can keep on a roll

Pseudo-secularism on the beach

The petty cruelty of the French burqini bans stems from an elite looking for scapegoats, writes Paul Demarty

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