WW archive > Issue 1110 - 09 June 2016

A threat laid low

Once considered a dangerous radical and traitor, Muhammad Ali died an establishment hero. Paul Demarty wonders what this says about our era


False premise; Stalinist; Material basis; Called it wrong; Time and space; Trust Cameron; Fenland Labour

Communism in living

What can early human society teach us about the future? Camilla Power looks at the lessons of primitive communism

M5S on course to take Rome

Toby Abse reports on last weekend’s local elections

Theresa May delights drug dealers

The ban on legal highs results from a moral panic with potentially fatal consequences, warns Eddie Ford

Decision time approaching

The SACP’s alliance with the ANC is in crisis. Peter Manson reports

Obscuring class politics

Phil Duncan condemns socialists who supported the Bernie Sanders campaign and counterposes it to building a Marxist party

My encounter with the thought police

Tony Greenstein is still in one piece following his grilling by a Labour Party witch-hunt apparatchik

Claims exposed once and for all

The CIA papers have shattered any lingering illusions in the ‘anti-imperialist’ credentials of the Tehran regime, writes Yassamine Mather


Help refresh the funds, recommends Robbie Rix

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