WW archive > Issue 1104 - 28 April 2016

A missed opportunity

Eddie Ford laments the republican speech Jeremy Corbyn did not make


Republicans; Disappointment; Simple; Weird; Busted flush; Exploitation; Hypocrisy

Rising to the heights and beyond

What is art and can it survive? Paul Demarty investigates

Better bad unity than bad disunity

Jack Conrad examines the German question in light of the perspectives of the Marx-Engels team

Society of abundance

What is our vision of socialism? Hillel Ticktin outlines the basic features

Establishment reaches a deal

The Irish working class needs its own party, writes Anne McShane

Consistent, realistic, verifiable

Michael Roberts reviews: Fred Moseley, 'Money and totality', Brill, 2016, pp436, £102

Another target

Robbie Rix aims to hit it

Slurs, lies, innuendos

Defend Malia Bouattia and Naz Shah, urges Tony Greenstein

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