WW archive > Issue 1089 - 14 January 2016

Abyssinia and the myth of appeasement

Eighty years ago, fascist Italy invaded Abyssinia. Mike Belbin argues that this event is the key to understanding the international politics of the 1930s and after


Taking part?; Fascist Bowie; Shocking; Status update; On the up; Curious; In or out

Giving lie to Tory claims

Support for the junior doctors remains firm, writes James Linney

Systems and symptoms

While millions live in dire poverty, the SACP wants us to believe that the main problem is still ‘racism’. Peter Manson reports

Migrant sex mob hysteria

Instead of fighting for open borders and internationalism, the left in Germany has joined the ruling class in its collective embarrassment, says Tina Becker

A dynasty of ill-gotten gains

Yassamine Mather looks at the life of Ashraf Pahlavi who died on January 7 aged 96

Trusting who?

Richard Galen writes from the picket line at Croydon University Hospital

And the band played on

As Chinese woes once again spread throughout the world economy, Paul Demarty wonders what could shake the complacency of the bourgeoisie

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