WW archive > Issue 1077 - 08 October 2015

Two years to take control

The bureaucratic right is still running the show, but by 2017 all that could change, says Charles Gradnitzer of Labour Party Marxists


Contradictory; Stand firm; Republican LU; False claims; Word policing; Fresh-minded; Definitions; Art and freedom

Join fight to transform Labour

Yassamine Mather points to a key decision facing next month’s Left Unity conference

Managing a debt colony

Having ‘taken the power’, writes Eddie Ford, Syriza is now an agent of the institutions

If Labour wins in 2020

There are many lessons to be drawn from the experience of revolutionary Russia and contemporary Britain. Chris Knight looks back at what he wrote in 1969

The dog and the tail

Jeff Halper War against the people: Israel, the Palestinians and global pacification Pluto Press, 2015, pp352, £13

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