WW archive > Issue 1072 - 03 September 2015

Don’t go back: go forward

The post-leadership battle has already begun. James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists calls for the adoption of new principles and decisive measures


Suspended; Significant part; Big step; Housing crisis; Undefined; Just asking; One or the other; Dawning of truth; Burger or banana; Marxism and art; Immigration evil

Doing things differently or same old?

Mike Macnair outlines the Communist Platform’s opposition to both word limits for motions and to a branch ballot to determine which should be prioritised at conference

Pitfalls of Corbynomics

While the right is aghast at Jeremy Corbyn’s economic plans, Paul Demarty wonders just how radical they really are

Hoist by its own petard

The right has given us a gift and we have used it. Charles Gradnitzer of Labour Party Marxists recalls how it all came about

New generation of debate

Last week Left Unity’s youth caucus has held its first day school. Daniel Harvey reports

Eight days of debate and learning

Comrades attending the CPGB’s Communist University for the first time reflect on their experience

Feel free

Robbie Rix returns

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