WW archive > Issue 1070 - 06 August 2015

Confusion and disarray

In light of Corbyn’s success the left needs to seriously examine why it gets the Labour Party so wrong, says Jack Conrad


No brolly; Grotesque; Dishonest; Centrist period; Kiss and make up; Keep ’em out; Of course not; Greek problems; New thing; Fold up shop; Mouths of babes

Prioritise principle

National council member Sarah McDonald points to two major problems concerning the November conference

Wurzels revisited

How do we do it? Mark Fischer reveals all

Establishment hypocrisy and Miss Whiplash

Eddie Ford wants to do away with the second chamber altogether

Solidarity, not sectionalism

Paul Demarty looks at the chauvinist backlash against the Calais migrants

Is it all over?

Michael Roberts looks at the implications of China’s stock market collapse

No left turn

Those who think the surrender of Alexis Tsipras will push Syriza further to the left are deluding themselves, says Daniel Harvey

Exploitation, despoliation, corruption

Toby Abse looks at the sorry story of the Riva family

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