WW archive > Issue 1063 - 18 June 2015

Register for Corbyn

The campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn must be the start of the fight to transform Labour, writes Charles Gradnitzer of Labour Party Marxists


Disruptive?; GLA election; Misreporting; LU for Corbyn; Spurious; Full rights; Half-ass; Overstated; Overlapping

Holding a line

Mark Fischer reports on the CPGB’s Summer Offensive

Forget police violence

Too late to worry about all that, says the IPCC. David Douglass looks at its conclusions on the Battle of Orgreave

Fight for a political alternative

The June 20 national demonstration should be seen as an opportunity to build something more permanent, argues Paul Demarty

Stoned and dethroned

Paul Trynka Sympathy for the devil: the birth of the Rolling Stones and the death of Brian Jones Bantam Press, 2014, pp368, £16.99

Positive thinking on Labour

LU’s national council saw some mixed outcomes. Sarah McDonald reports

All to play for

Peter Manson presents the CPGB's Theses on the Labour Party

Take it or leave it

Syriza’s options are rapidly running out, says Eddie Ford. Whether inside or outside the euro, austerity will not go away

Keep them coming

Robbie Rix will be gone but not forgotten

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