WW archive > Issue 1062 - 11 June 2015

Legalise the lot

The Tories think it is a good idea to put a blanket ban on legal highs. Paul Demarty wants some of what they’re smoking


US problems; Sectarian stance; Those Jews; Deflections; Optimist; Free Steve

Standing in London’s elections

Left Unity has been discussing and voting on its approach to the 2016 GLA and mayoral contests. Daniel Harvey reports

It can still be done

Mobilise to put Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper, urges Charles Gradnitzer of Labour Party Marxists

US imperialism and Israel’s role

The ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ is central to the US military-industrial complex, observes Moshé Machover

Heat, light and confusion

Sheffield LU comrades have been debating with Tusc. Mickey Coulter reports

Another blow against the loyalists

The grip of the SACP over the unions continues to weaken. Peter Manson comments on the congress of South Africa’s NUM

Beginnings informed by the past

John Summers All for nothing Studio1.1, 57a Redchurch Street, London E2, June 5-28 2015, Wednesdays to Sundays, 12 noon to 6pm

Smacking of desperation

Will Athens submit to the ‘institutions’ or get booted out of the euro zone? Eddie Ford looks at the latest negotiations

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