What if Syriza wins?

Is the left obliged to spread illusions in a Syriza government? No, quite the opposite, argues Eddie Ford

Greece is preparing itself for a general election on January 25 after Antonis Samaras, prime minister and New Democracy leader, failed to get his candidate chosen as president by the 300-seat parliament. Samaras’s gamble was always a long shot, leading some to believe that he wanted to trigger a snap general election. The more conspiratorially minded have suggested that Samaras was quite happy to let a government led by Alexis Tsipras of Syriza be stuck with the burdensome task of continued talks with the European Commission-European Central Bank-International Monetary Fund troika over the exact terms of the bailout programme - and take the blame when it all goes wrong. At the moment, Greece needs to repay IMF loans worth about €2.8 billion by the end of March.

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