Safe spaces checked, gains defended

Peter Manson introduces our coverage of the LU policy conference

Left Unity’s November 15-16 policy conference resulted in the retention of a number of important gains and some useful achievements - not least over the appalling ‘safe spaces’ policy proposals. Once more, this intersectionalist nonsense, despite being rewritten yet again, was kicked into the long grass. In fact the Communist Platform’s alternative “code of conduct” received more votes than did the cherished ‘safe spaces’ (although the former was not endorsed either - see the separate reports in this issue).

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Fighting; Percentage; Thank god; Fence-sitters; Dangerous; Communalists; Unproven group; Microcosm; Real loss; Do the bus stop

Abstention and organisation

The Communist Platform abstained on many motions put to conference. Paul Demarty explains why

Good intentions and the road to hell

Where now for disputes and ‘safe spaces’? Mike Macnair examines the issues

The tyranny of safe spaces

We cannot start from the premise of exclusion, argues Yassamine Mather

Under the cosh of the safe spaces police

Three comrades from LU recount their experiences

Immigration controls kill

Eddie Ford calls for the abolition of all border controls, not just ‘racist’ ones

Strikes, smoke bombs and tear gas

Toby Abse reports on the latest union action and the autonomists’ social strike

The beginning of new unionism

Louise Raw Striking a light: the Bryant and May match women and their place in history Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011, pp300, £17.99

Not European left’s historic moment

Syriza’s speaker at Left Unity’s conference expressed unbounded optimism, but, says Mike Copestake, such hype is dangerous

Looks good!

Beauty is more than skin deep. But it helps, says Robbie Rix

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