WW archive > Issue 1019 - 17 July 2014

SWP: 'Delta force' still in denial

‘The party’ had been on the right track all along, according to its leadership, and is now in fine health. Peter Manson reports on this year’s Marxism festival


Spoilt vote?; Scots knots; Striker's diary; Institutional; Caveat; No expulsions

Enough bluster and bullshit

Last week saw a major strike of public-sector workers. Daniel Harvey looks at the aftermath

Awakened to the class struggle

Mark Fischer introduces another Leninist reprint; Rebecca Sachs on the political transformation of women involved in the miner's strike

Not in awe of 'experts'

Bruce Wallace and Steve Dobbs may view him as a ‘bungling amateur’, but Arthur Bough insists that they are wrong about the falling rate of profit

Bourgeois or capitalist?

Marc Mulholland Bourgeois liberty and the politics of fear Oxford University Press, pp400, £37 (£9.25 direct)

Israel's secret nuclear arsenal

Talks designed to secure an agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme look like they will be extended. Meanwhile, Yassamine Mather looks at the one country in the Middle East that is already armed with nuclear weapons

Socialism and bear-baiting

Socialist Worker’s gloating over Horatio Chapple’s death is crass and cruel, writes Paul Demarty. But it is also a product of political weaknesses

Communist University and cash

The CPGB's summer offensive is keeping a good pace, reports Mark Fischer

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