WW archive > Issue 1003 - 27 March 2014

Left Unity: How to vote on March 29

Mike Macnair outlines the recommendations of the Communist Platform


Ahistorical; Dirty hands; PA openness; Sensitive; Fear not; Sex crime; Pan fight; Chauvinist; Meditate; Unquestioningly; Misogynistic; Sick

The internet in the epoch of decline

Extravagant revolutionary claims are made for new digital media and the technological avant-garde. The truth, argues Paul Demarty, is more complicated

How Thatcher plotted our defeat

Granville Williams (ed) Settling scores: the media, the police and the miners’ strike Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, pp139, £6.99

Communist Platform: Preparing for conference

Peter Manson reports on the national meeting of Left Unity's Communist Platform

Less haste, more politics

Mark Fischer reports on the meeting of Left Unity's leadership, where LU's labyrinthine constitution has been wreaking havoc

West's wounded imperial pride

Eddie Ford calls for opposition to the escalating campaign for sanctions against Russia and to ‘nonlethal’ military assistance to Ukraine

The new moral panic

Charles Gradnitzer looks at the most recent move to further ostracise the SWP


Robbie Rix reports on a decent week for the Fighting Fund

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