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Prodigal son departs

James Murdoch’s departure from his father’s media empire puts the spotlight once again on its political evolution, writes William Kane

The old and the new

A sharp decline in newspaper print circulation raises questions about the power of the media, argues William Kane

A farewell to empire

The Fox-Disney merger marks a strategic retreat for Rupert Murdoch, argues William Kane

Dirty Des bows out

As Trinity Mirror prepares to buy the Express and Star titles, William Kane looks at the state of the press

Towards a Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

The disclosure of the BBC list of highest paid ‘stars’ raises the question: what is the corporation for? William Kane investigates

The strange death of liberal media

The Independent is Britain’s first major print casualty of the digital age, and probably not the last, writes William Kane

The great escape

As a line is drawn under the phone-hacking scandal, William Kane looks at the lessons

Meet the new boss ...

Rebekah Brooks has returned to the helm. William Kane welcomes her back

Dissolve the party and elect another

As the Labour leadership contest gets ugly, William Kane begins to worry about the sanity of the bourgeois press

Advertising and the decline of journalism

The Telegraph’s HSBC scandal is an acute case of a malady suffered by all capitalist media, argues William Kane

The limits of journalism

Nick Davies Hack attack: how the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch Chatto and Windus, 2014, pp430, £20