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Action stations

Tom Delargy believes that the split within the Committee for a Workers International in Scotland could end the toleration of factions in the Scottish Socialist Party

Protestant veto

Lenin opposed self-determination for the British-Irish, writes Tom Delargy

Uncomfortable unanimity

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party reflects on its founding conference

All-Britain alliance

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party, discusses some of the issues and differences that are beginning to emerge and outlines his views on left unity

United list rejected

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party gives his views of the November 29 meeting of its national council

Too high a price to pay

Former Scottish Militant Labour member Tom Delargy gives his views on SML’s break with the Socialist Party and its embrace of nationalism

Call to SWP minority - ‘Fight openly’

Following the Socialist Workers Party’s decision to contest the Irish general election (see Weekly Worker June 12), a change in policy in Britain too now looks to be just a matter of time. For some time a minority of the SWP leadership, particularly Chris Harman, have been arguing for the organisation to stand its own candidates in elections, and occasionally veiled references to the internal opposition on the question have surfaced in the organisation’s journals. Tom Delargy was expelled from the SWP in 1987 for opposing the leadership and is now active in the Scottish Socialist Alliance. Below we reproduce extracts from the letter he sent to Socialist Worker just before the general election, in which he anticipates a change in line and calls on the organisation to drop its sectarian approach to the rest of the left

Call for left cooperation

The following motion, proposed by comrade Tom Delargy of Paisley SSA, was unanimously passed at the SSA’s annual conference on Saturday June 14