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Production for production’s sake

Optimism over Bonn and COP23 is misplaced, writes Simon Wells

Against Lansman, for what?

On March 11, Grassroots Momentum met at Conway Hall in central London. Simon Wells and Carla Roberts report

Boris Johnson’s useful idiots

The Stop the War conference was marked by a pro-imperialist stunt, reports Simon Wells

Front-line dispatch

The rift between the Corbynistas and the right is irreconcilable. Simon Wells reports from Liverpool

Strong on analysis, but …

Simon Wells reviews: Ian Angus, 'Facing the Anthropocene: fossil capitalism and the crisis of the Earth system', Monthly Review Press, 2016, pp280, £14.40

Don’t hold your breath

Simon Wells argues that failure is more or less predetermined

Business as usual

Catastrophic climate change is very unlikely to be averted under capitalist conditions, says Simon Wells

Building the union is no lottery

The leadership of the PCS have trivialised the struggle to save the union, reports Simon Wells

Threat of social breakdown

The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is a product of structural poverty and politics, argues Simon Wells

People's Assembly: A prelude for July 10

Saturday's protest was a small success for the PA, reports Simon Wells