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Banal identity reasoning

Phil Watson reviews 'John Coltrane and the jazz revolution of the 1960s' by Frank Kofsky

Vacuous definitions

Aufheben and state capitalism

Communist culture

Phil Watson reviews ‘A weapon in the struggle: the cultural history of the Communist Party in Britain’ by Andy Croft (Pluto Press 1998, pp218, £14.99)

Break Nicholson’s stranglehold

Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance

Lukács, Brecht and bureaucratic socialism - Fraught relationships

Phil Watson reviews ‘Aesthetics and politics’ (Verso, 1999)

Modest differences

USSR and the power of ideology

Understanding the Soviet Union

Phil Watson reviews 'Rethinking the Soviet collapse: Sovietology, the death of communism and the new Russia', edited by Michael Cox (Pinter Publishers 1998, pp294, £15.99)

Human affirmation

Phil Watson reviews 'A love supreme' by John Coltrane (Impulse CD)


Courtney Pine Band at the Liverpool Philharmonic

Cold War legacy

Phil Watson reviews 'Formation 60: modern jazz from Eastern Germany - Amiga 1957-69' (Various artists, Jazzanova Compost Records)

North West to stand

Socialist Alliances

Keep left unity on track

Debating the USSR: The external dynamic of negative ideology

The problematic of negative ideology

Phil Watson calls for a conscious application of the dialectic in analysing the USSR

Cold War babies

Phil Watson reviews ‘Children of the revolution - communist childhood in Cold War Britain’ by Phil Cohen

Redrawing boundaries

Phil Watson reviews 'For Marx' by Louis Althusser

You don’t play in clubs

Phillip Watson reviews 'Free jazz: a collective improvisation' (Ornette Coleman Double Quartet, Atlantic CD)

Revolt of the spirit

Phil Watson reviews 'Dada turns red: The politics of surrealism' by Helena Lewis (Edinburgh University Press 1990, pp229, £12.95)