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Pissing on the parade

Paul Drummond explores, celebrates and urges on the hissing, the booing, the barracking, the loathing of HRH William Windsor and all he stands for by Liverpool fans

Amending our programme

Paul Drummond reports on last week’s meeting of CPGB members, LPM supporters and invited guests

Vigorous debate

Paul Drummond reports on the discussions at last weekend’s meeting of CPGB and LPM comrades

Reinstate the Wavertree Four

The witch-hunt of leftwingers is now being carried out by ‘leftwingers’, says Paul Drummond

Making of a Liverpool militant

Tony Mulhearn, January 24 1939 - October 7 2019

Open second front now

Now is the time to fight, argues Liverpool Labour activist Paul Drummond. We must deselect Luciana Berger