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Nothing positive to be gained

On the need for a new mass socialist/communist party: a reply to the CPGB-PCC from Talking About Socialism…from a Marxist point of view

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We have all been thrown back over the last 30-40 years. Will McMahon and Nick Wrack make a call to all who agree with, or can accept, their statement

Climate of mistrust

Nick Wrack resigned as editor of Militant shortly before a special conference of Militant Labour voted to change the organisation’s name to ‘Socialist Party’ at the end of last year. His appearance at the June meeting of the SP’s National Committee caused some surprise, as many comrades were under the impression that he had stood down from that body too. His letter of resignation, reproduced here, has been circulating unofficially within the organisation. It demonstrates that the SP still has a long way to go to achieve the openness necessary in a democratic workers’ party