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Marx’s vision

In his second article, Nick Rogers concludes that there is no basis in the writing of Marx for Lenin’s schema of socialism and communism. Marx wrote no blueprints for how the future society should be organised.

Lenin’s misreading of Marx

In the first of a two-part article, Nick Rogers claims that Lenin’s "The state and revolution" introduced the concept of socialism and communism as two different forms of post-capitalist society. His contention is that this established a “framework” that in the 20th century was abused to “justify Stalinist practice”.

Cycles within cycles

Nick Rogers reviews: Michael Roberts, 'The long depression: how it happened, why it happened and what happens next', Haymarket Books, 2016, pp360, £14.99

Profitability and the dynamics of capitalism

The faster the rise in productivity, concludes Nick Rogers, the more likely it is that the rate of profit will fall

‘Revolutions in value’ and capitalist crisis

Despite the various criticisms, Marx’s analysis of profitability was basically sound, argues Nick Rogers