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Fragmentation of election picture

CPGB members have been discussing the May 5 elections and the forthcoming EU referendum. Mickey Coulter reports

End of accountability

Total academisation of schooling was always the logical next step, says Micky Coulter

Politics and organisation

The CPGB AGM looked back at the past year and forward to our current tasks. Mickey Coulter reports

Left Unity and its future

October’s aggregate of CPGB members saw discussion on Left Unity’s prospects and the blind alley of left Keynesianism. Micky Coulter reports

From internet to the steel city

Red Labour, a group previously found only on social media, has taken physical form in Sheffield, reports Micky Coulter

Politics without the personal is non-politics

Censuring the ‘bullying’ Weekly Worker for reporting events in Leeds is not what LU’s executive should be up to, says Micky Coulter

Sectarian anti-sectarianism

The fallout from Greece and an attempt to boot out Workers Power have aroused passions in Yorkshire Left Unity. Mickey Coulter and Tina Becker report

Gone too tsar

How should ‘disruptive behaviour’ in schools be tackled? Mickey Coulter comments on the tendency to look to newly empowered bureaucrats for a solution

Heat, light and confusion

Sheffield LU comrades have been debating with Tusc. Mickey Coulter reports

A model and its limits

Mickey Coulter took part in a debate on ‘Syriza and the European left’, hosted by Sheffield Left Unity

No magic bullet

Mickey Coulter reports from the Yorkshire regional committee.

An education fit for human beings?

Micky Coulter analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the LU policy

Green-tinted glasses

Despite the membership figures and the hype, notes Micky Coulter, the Green Party's increased popularity is not a sign of good times to come for socialists

Social mobility, my arse

Recent propaganda in favour of grammar schools is nonsense, says Micky Coulter

Playing on the fields of Eton

The shadow education secretary has been accused of fighting the class war. Not true, says Micky Coulter, but Labour does have a class-based strategy

Positive and realistic

Yorkshire and Humber regional committee met last weekend. Mickey Coulter reports

Not European left’s historic moment

Syriza’s speaker at Left Unity’s conference expressed unbounded optimism, but, says Micky Coulter, such hype is dangerous

Syriza: Process of accommodation

Greece gave the world democracy, but will Syriza give us socialism? Not in the opinion of Micky Coulter

Gove, but not forgotten

Though demoted within the cabinet, Michael Gove’s programme for education continues. Mikey Coulter assesses the ‘revolution’ in education

Gaza: Resorting to smears

Protests against the assault on Gaza have been met with charges of outright anti-Semitism by defenders of Israel, writes Micky Coulter

CPGB aggregate: Arguments strengthened

Micky Coulter reports on an impassioned debate between CPGB members

Asbo mania threat

The case of radical Islamic convert, Jordan Horner, may seem insignificant, writes Micky Coulter, but is part of a long-term trend of state attacks on basic freedoms

Aggregate: Improving our democracy

Micky Coulter reports on the February 9 meeting of CPGB members

Aiming for the big time

Nigel Farage is in the process of rebranding his party in an attempt to shed its protest vote image. Micky Coulter wonders what his chances are

CPGB Aggregate: Political weapon

Micky Coulter gives a brief update from the recent CPGB aggregate