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Atlanticist post-fascist

Giorgia Meloni will continue to align with the US-Anglosphere. However, argues Maciej Zurowski, the umbilical cord joining her with fascism remains

Blood, fire, death

Review of ‘Lords of Chaos’, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and out on general release

Swimming in the right pond

Maciej Zurowski talks to Paul Thompson about the emergence of the skinhead subculture and its implicit values

Antifa means air raid

A leftwing book presentation in Leipzig was attacked by ‘antifa’ activists earlier this month. We spoke to the main speaker at the meeting, Susann Witt-Stahl

Solidarity and anti-Zionism

The protest against Israel's assault on Gaza was inspiring, reports Maciej Zurowski

‘Christ of nations’ in London

Migrant workers have class interests, not Polish interests, argues Maciej Zurowski

Animal liberation and Marxism

Maciej Zurowski attended the weekend school of the Assoziation Dämmerung in Hamburg and spoke to Susann Witt-Stahl, Christian Wittgen and Christin Bernhold