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Sunday May 8 5pm, 'Northern Ireland elections: crisis in permanence'

Theses on Keir Starmer’s Labour Party

A serious accounting for the failures of Corbynism cannot be avoided any longer. Our perspectives must go beyond capitalism. We have had enough silly initiatives and attempts to close or limit debate. Labour Party Marxists has submitted this contribution to the Labour Left Alliance’s January 30 conference


Statement from Labour Against the Witchhunt on the EHRC investigation of Labour

Transform the Labour Party

The steering committee of Labour Party Marxists has agreed this 13-point platform, which will provide the basis for its submission to the Labour Party democracy commission

Corbyn intervenes ... on wrong side

Labour Party Marxists are proposing a transparent, simple and effective draft constitution

Three different approaches

The 1918 Fabian creation and 1959 alteration, the 1995 Blairite version, and the proposed new clause four drafted by Labour Party Marxists

Anti-Semitic smears employed by right

The Labour left must get better organised, argues Gary Toms of Labour Party Marxists

Uncritical support for Corbyn

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on last weekend’s LRC conference

Supplement: Labour Party Marxists No.5

A special supplement from our friends at LPM