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Dylan and the dead

Bob Dylan’s electric set at the Newport Folk Festival 50 years ago continues to bring out the worst Stalinist inclinations of today’s left, writes Howard Phillips

Stoned and dethroned

Paul Trynka Sympathy for the devil: the birth of the Rolling Stones and the death of Brian Jones Bantam Press, 2014, pp368, £16.99

Behind the Psycho drama

Zoë Howe Barbed wire kisses: The Jesus and Mary Chain story Polygon, 2014, pp306, £12.99

Spanish steps to oblivion

Paul Preston The last Stalinist: the life of Santiago Carrillo William Collins, 2014, pp448, £12.99

What Kate did next

Andy Croft (editor) After the party: reflections on life since the CPGB Lawrence and Wishart, 2012, pp224, £15.99