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Not time to party … yet

Emil Jacobs of Communist Platform suggests that more preparation time is needed before there can be worthwhile unity. Certainly uniting around the call for arming Ukraine would be disastrous

End of a dead end

Last week’s general election saw big losses for the Socialist Party. Predictably, the leadership’s purge of the left has backfired. Emil Jacobs of the SP’s Communist Platform reports

Luddite delusions

Our arguments about energy forms must be based on solid grounds, says an insistent Emil Jacobs

Stay, fight and win

Attempts to wreck the youth section have been met with a growing tide of resistance. Emil Jacobs reports on the ongoing battles in the Socialist Party (Netherlands)

Youth section will win

The political battle cleaving the Socialist Party has dramatically intensified. Emil Jacobs reports

Bureaucratic control-freakery

The leadership of the Socialist Party is determined to enter a coalition with bourgeois parties and gain well rewarded ministerial portfolios for a few tops. Those who oppose this disastrous line are being expelled, but not silenced. Emil Jacobs reports