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Whitewashing Marine Le Pen

Italy and Giorgia Meloni provide the model. David Broder asks what lies behind the ‘mainstreaming’ of the far right

Online Communist Forum, Sunday December 3 5pm

Why supporting Israel’s war doesn’t stop Marine Le Pen’s party being anti-Semitic

Online Communist Forum, Sunday June 25 5pm with David Broder

What does the right have to say about strengthening the nation-state?

A long-established disorder?

Famous as a polemical target of ‘Leftwing’ communism, ironically Amadeo Bordiga claimed to agree with Lenin’s strategy for world revolution. David Broder investigates

Theatre of revolution

While the March on Rome was significant, writes David Broder, the active collaboration of the Italian ruling class with the fascists was central

The misuses of Gramsci

Quoted by charlatans to provide an air of magic, praised for his ambiguities, more revered than read: David Broder calls for a serious engagement with a political strategy that still has considerable relevance

Wrongly overlooked thinker

David Broder reviews Pietro Basso's 'The science and passion of communism: selected writings of Amadeo Bordiga (1912-1965)'