Arthur Bough

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To the dawn of humanity

Arthur Bough defends his naturalistic reading of Marx’s labour theory of value

Subjective and objective value

Arthur Bough insists that value is labour and has therefore existed in every form of society

Competition and cooperation

Review of 'Elinor Ostrom’s rules for radicals' by Derek Wall, Pluto Press, 2017, pp160, £16.99

Social democratic stepping stone

Arthur Bough responds to Mike Macnair

Making inroads into power of capital

We should support all measures facilitating an accumulation of productive capital, thereby placing workers in the most favourable position, argues Arthur Bough

Social democracy should govern

Marxists should not stand on the sidelines in the struggle between socialised and fictitious capital, urges Arthur Bough

Fictitious capital and the rate of profit

Arthur Bough takes issue with Chris Gray

Not in awe of 'experts'

Bruce Wallace and Steve Dobbs may view him as a ‘bungling amateur’, but Arthur Bough insists that they are wrong about the falling rate of profit

AWL: Apologists without logic

Arthur Bough examines the AWL’s failure to oppose imperialist intervention

Rate of profit: False premises, false conclusions

Did the tendency for the rate of profit to fall cause the crisis of 2008-09? On the contrary, says Arthur Bough, the annual rate of profit remained high