WW archive > Issue 991 - 19 December 2013

SWP: Creating a desert waste

For the third time in just over a year, the leadership is ‘drawing a line’. Actually, argues Ben Lewis, Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos are busily destroying their own organisation


Victims ; No platform; Undistorted ; No surprise; Rotate ; Chemical legacy ; Elves ; Smooth; Grumpy

A region in flux

Yassamine Mather of Hands off the People of Iran examines the failure of political Islam and imperialism’s attempts to adjust its alliances

Economic crisis: Only our class can force change

After exploring the possibilities of capitalism ending the depression, Hillel Ticktin stresses the necessity of working class organisation

Bordiga and the fate of Bordigism

Though he is largely remembered in the context of Lenin’s polemic against ‘left-wing’ communism, Amadeo Bordiga remains a towering figure of the 20th century workers’ movement. David Broder explores his ideas and political record

SWP conference: Notes of a delegate

An oppositionist calls for the whole of the left to engage in debate and rethink its politics

Sussex: Autonomists in 'feelgood' attack on SWP

Tom Munday on the turning over of an SWP stall and the burning of their papers at Sussex university

IS Network: Unity in the spring?

IS Network is in trouble again. Daniel Harvey looks at the regroupment efforts by the marsh

North Korea: A very Kimist purge

The bureaucratic apparatus in North Korea is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, writes Eddie Ford

A good end to the year

We've had a good end to this year and Johnny Virgo feels that the start of the next will be even better

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