WW archive > Issue 989 - 05 December 2013

Left Unity: Making a safe space for left ideas

Peter Manson reports on the official founding of the latest unity project


Free association ; Not Marxist ; Barbaric ; PCS scabs? ; Sikh fairness ; Wounding

In praise of the Communist Platform

Text of Jack Conrad's contribution to the Platform debate at Left Unity's conference

Youth: We don’t want an easy ride

Following the Left Unity founding conference, Preston organiser and Communist Platform supporter Robert Eagleton asks what attitude the left should take to the role of youth

Safe Spaces: How not to fight for women’s equality

Harley Filben on the approach taken within Left Unity

Left Unity: Establishing freedom to criticise

Paul Demarty looks at the constitutional fallout for Left Unity post-conference

CPGB Aggregate: Assessing the positives

CPGB comrades have been discussing Left Unity’s founding conference and the deal with Iran. Michael Copestake reports

Austerity: His side is winning the class struggle

Hillel Ticktin examines the balance of forces and the quandary of the ruling class

Running the show from outside

The absence of any serious leftwing political force leaves the working class in the unenviable position of choosing the butcher, writes Toby Abse

Stuart Hall: Left’s great ‘moving right’ show

Daniel Harvey reviews: Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin (eds) 'After neoliberalism? The Kilburn manifesto', Soundings, 2013

Maoist 'slaves': Combating the fascist state in Brixton

Eddie Ford dissects the bourgeois media's hysteria over left wing 'cults'

Fighting Fund: High note

As we approach the end of 2013, Robbie Rix asks our readers to help us go out on a high

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