WW archive > Issue 988 - 28 November 2013

Capital’s labour of Sisyphus

What next after the failure of plan A? There is little prospect of real growth, argues Hillel Ticktin


Democracy? ; So there! ; Sanctioned ; Three things ; Moon dance ; Moon Masons ; Street talk ; Greek piles ; Circumcised

Left Unity: How to vote at conference

CPGB Provisional Central Committee recommendations

LRC: Surviving, but still shrinking

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the annual conference of the Labour Representation Committee

Labour and political scabbing

Defending the union link as it is falls short of the needs of the working class, argues Paul Demarty

Iran-US: Paper tigers and false victories

The deal with Iran represents a partial, but important success for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

Doctor Who: Degeneration of a time lord

Doctor Who has evolved from a threatening anti-establishment figure, laments Eddie Ford, to a patriotic defender of the status quo

SWP: Another split looms

The leadership refuses to accept that there is any truth in opposition criticisms. Peter Manson reviews this year’s final Pre-conference Bulletin

Co-op 'scandal': Labour is the real target

The manufactured outrage at the plight of Paul Flowers is really an attack on the Labour Party, argues Adam Jensen

Supplement: Left Unity’s contradictory aspirations

A wide-ranging strategic debate has erupted on the left, Mike Macnair conducts a critical examination

1895 project

Robbie Rix, time traveller, on the Marxist left past, present and future

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