WW archive > Issue 983 - 24 October 2013

Tea Party: An enraged Frankenstein's monster

The Tea Party seemed to come from nowhere. But nowadays it is turning on its big business patrons and threatening the interests of capitalism itself, writes Jim Creegan


New unionism; Weird science; No merger; No reforms; Camp filth; Ultravox; Well done; Pressing matter; Escortise

SWP: Numbers do not lie

Peter Manson reports on the October 19 Unite the Resistance event

IS Network: Battling with a rotten legacy

Daniel Harvey looks at developments in the political regroupment project centred on the International Socialist Network following its weekend conference

Italy: M5S racism exposed

Confused left populism should not blind us to the natsure of Beppe Grillo’s party, writes Toby Abse

Still clinging on

Silvio Berlusconi - master of avoiding his comeuppance

Oppose nationalism across the board

Use the May 2014 Euro elections to fight for socialism and internationalism, argues James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists

Film: Crime, youth and punishment

Jim Moody reviews works from the London Film Festival with a linked theme

Left culture: Nutters like us

Till the left starts to make headway, get used to being viewed as mad, writes Paul Demarty

Fighting fund: Inconsiderate

The SWP released its second Internal Bulletin too soon, but we can't make our fighting fund target soon enough, reports Robbie Rix

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