WW archive > Issue 981 - 10 October 2013

SWP: Leatherites thirsting for a purge

Faced with criticism from two directions, the central committee is desperately trying to limit the damage. Peter Manson reports


Don’t blame coal; Nonsense; Unrepentant; Spendthrift; Nazi workfare; Smash the fash; Islamophobia; Weird

Berlusconi: Houdini’s last escape

Surely last week’s volte face signals the end of the road for Silvio Berlusconi. Toby Abse reports

Luxemburg: Rosa and the republic

Last weekend, Ben Lewis spoke at an international conference in Paris on ‘Rosa Luxemburg’s concepts of democracy and revolution’. This is an expanded version of his paper

Daily Mail: Patriotism and the sins of the father

Communists hate the Daily Mail even more than Ed Miliband, writes Eddie Ford, but reject Leveson and any moves towards state regulation of the press

Daily Mail: Fear of everything

After its latest brush with notoriety, Paul Demarty examines the Daily Mail

Review: How liberal were the bourgeois revolutions?

Marc Mulholland reviews: Neil Davidson, 'How revolutionary were the bourgeois revolutions?', Haymarket Books, 2012, pp840, £22.99

Left Unity: Communist Platform formed

Mark Fischer on the formation of the Communist Platform

Communist Platform

Statement of aims and principles:

Ireland: Crisis for government - and for the left

Last week’s defeat of the Irish government in the referendum to abolish the upper house was a major blow for the Fine Gael/Labour coalition

Fighting fund: Complain about it

Robbie Rix on problems with Royal Mail, undelivered papers and the support we need from you

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