WW archive > Issue 974 - 08 August 2013

Left Unity: Resistance and socialist change

Seven comrades from the Socialist Platform explain their vision for a Left Unity party


Stimulating; Ruthless; Mask polishing; SWP disarray; Platform ticket; Banking hours

Italy: Heading for jail?

Can it really be true that ‘the law is equal for all’? Silvio Berlusconi may yet have more tricks up his sleeve, writes Toby Abse

South Africa: Maverick targeted

Peter Manson reports on a case that has gripped the Johannesburg media

CWI Ireland: Attempt to silence critics

Anne McShane surveys the response to CWI member Craig Murphy's honest and forthright article on the Socialist Party in Ireland

Slander and gossip

In this article, which he entitled ‘Inventive illiteracy amidst petty sectarianism’, Gilbert Achcar, a founding signatory of Left Unity, responds to accusations of social-imperialism. Needless to say, a reply will follow

Ukip blocked by a cynical Cameron

Contrary to the expectations of many on the left, writes Eddie Ford, the winds of change in British politics are blowing to the right

Capitalism: Declining forms, failing system

What does austerity tell us about capitalism itself? Hillel Ticktin discusses three key features

Manning conviction: A sick parody of justice

The conviction of Bradley Manning shows the need to abolish state secrecy, argues Paul Demarty

Summer Offensive: Discussion, argument - and a break

Mark Fischer reminds readers that the Weekly Worker will be going on summer holiday too, and reminds us all of the urgent push needed for our fundraiser

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