WW archive > Issue 972 - 25 July 2013

Democratic centralism: Further fortunes of a formula

While the emphasis inevitably shifted according to circumstances, writes Lars T Lih, for the Bolsheviks democracy was just as vital as centralism


Matriarchy myth; Scarcely heard; LU goer; Cult fetish; No coup; Cursory; Kafkaland

Delta resigns: Now the rest should follow

The resignation of Martin Smith was long overdue, argues Peter Manson

Progressive sentiments amidst reactionary illusions

Gilbert Achcar has strongly objected to being described as a ‘social-imperialist’ in the Weekly Worker. So what is the truth about him? Yassamine Mather investigates

Turing: Calculated pardon

The Alan Turing case exposes both the flexibility of the political establishment and its hypocrisy, argues Eddie Ford

Overachieving at last

The British have been surprised by a series of sporting successes. Harley Filben considers sport’s relationship to nationalism

Socialist Party Ireland: Not for the public domain

Craig Murphy, a member of the Socialist Party in Ireland, reports on the resignation of four prominent comrades and the dishonest response of the leadership

Israel - Palestine: Déjà vu all over again

Moshé Machover finds the recent 'peace process' talk oddly familiar

Summer Offensive: Frippery

The royal baby reminds Mark Fischer of the reality of the far-left's economism on the state during his SO update

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