WW archive > Issue 970 - 11 July 2013

SWP leadership: Laughable history produces laughable results

Jack Conrad argues that the pre-1917 Bolshevik model of organisation should be properly studied and properly understood


Underconsumed; Causes of crisis; I started it; Lunatic asylum; United party; Principled

An expanded paper seeking new supporters

Mark Fischer with the latest Summer Offensive update

Egypt: Two reactionary forces

Celebrations at the fall of Mursi are understandable, writes Yassamine Mather, but no-one should have illusions in the role of the army

Egypt & SWP: Nothing revolutionary about a high command coup

The SWP’s flip-flop on the Muslim Brotherhood reflects a profound crisis of perspectives, argues Ben Lewis

Anthropology and women: Genetic evidence is richer than the stale party line

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group investigates the SWP’s impoverished debate on the Marxist theory of women’s oppression

SWP: Opposition flexes its muscles

The ‘leadership’ got its disciplinary vote, writes Paul Demarty. But then it pathetically backed down

Socialist Appeal: Waiting for the class to move

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on Socialist Appeal’s third Marxist summer school

Snowden and the state: David and Goliath in high tech

People like Edward Snowden may normally function as software in a hard drive, writes Jim Creegan, but for the state they have one drawback: they can think

Labour: Miliband’s media-pleasing funding proposals

Falkirk shows the pro-capitalist dynamics at work in the Labour Party, writes Eddie Ford. But should the unions be urged to disaffiliate?

SWP abuse: 'Delta' in dock again ... this time it’s comrade X

Reject calls to no-platform SWP over handling of allegations of sexual misconduct, says Peter Manson

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