WW archive > Issue 930 - 20 September 2012

Natural limits, sustainability and socialism

Eco-socialists say we must urgently replace capitalism to prevent climate-change disaster. But, argues Gabriel Levy, fear is no way to build a movement for socialism. This is an edited version of the second part of his talk at the CPGB’s Communist University11


Bogus rape; Dog whistle; Aloof; For life; Party on; Dialogue; Confused

Supplement: Early human kinship was matrilineal

Engels was right, says Chris Knight

Sardinian workers force concessions

The big union battalions are once more talking of general strike action, writes Toby Abse

The HDK enigma

Esen Uslu continues his exploration of the Kurdish question by pointing to the ambiguities in the HDK’s ‘democratic autonomy’

Handling the truth

Establishment mea culpas over Hillsborough have shocked many - but there are more skeletons in the closet, writes Paul Demarty

Step up the pace

The fighting fund is lagging says Robbie Rix, so please help now comrades

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