Her life and her legacy

Mike Macnair asks whether the modern ‘new left’ use of Luxemburg is part of the problem rather than the solution

Rosa Luxemburg was a heroine and martyr of the workers’ movement: a leader of the left in the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD); imprisoned for her political activities in Germany in 1904 and Poland in 1906; a standard-bearer of anti-war socialism from 1914; imprisoned once again in 1915 and again 1916-18; a founder of the German Communist Party; and finally murdered by the SPD’s far-right allies in the aftermath of the failed uprising in Berlin in 1919.

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Paranoid ; Illusion ; Salience ; Anti-Semitism ; Islamophobia ; Pentonville 5 ; Not guilty ; Fight for Sites

And they call this sport

The establishment intends to use the ‘legacy’ of the Olympics to consolidate British national chauvinist ideology and ruling class values, writes Peter Manson

Comment is not always free

Why did The Guardian censor Israeli anti-Zionist Moshé Machover? Tony Greenstein investigates

Seeking a new redivision

Syria’s opposition is increasingly dominated by Islamists and is openly backed by imperialism, writes Eddie Ford

Only through socialism

Esen Uslu begins his examination of the attitude of the left in Turkey to the Kurdish national question

Rooted in capitalism

Nick Rogers responds to Arthur Bough

Honour among thieves

Recent frictions in the Tory-Lib Dem coalition are an object lesson in the cynicism of bourgeois politics, argues Paul Demarty

Summer Offensive - On the fringe

Mark Fischer provides the latest news and asks for a last big push for the target

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