WW archive > Issue 918 - 14 June 2012

The EC-IMF-ECB cometh

Euphoria over the Spain bailout 'triumph' proved to be very short-lived, writes Eddie Ford


Decline; Wave goodbye; Questionable; Shoddy; They enjoy me; Thanks, comrade; Predators; Adult; You could laugh; Draconian; Bond theme

Opposition fails to show

Michael Copestake reports from the 2012 Communist Students conference

Be careful what you wish for

As the next Greek elections loom, Paul Demarty takes a look at the lines being taken by the left and the current controversy in the SWP

Turmoil threatens

While Italy teeters on the brink of a new crisis, the left is nowhere. Toby Abse reports on the machinations of the main parties

Ideologically bankrupt

The South African Communist Party has published a new version of its programme. Peter Manson analyses 'The South African road to socialism'

Regime change must come from below

Sanctions and malware are preparatory acts of war against Iran. Those who condemn the crimes of the regime should also condemn the crimes of imperialism and its agents, writes Yassamine Mather

Strategy and freedom of criticism

Mike Macnair continues his review of: Daniel Bensaïd, Alda Sousa, Alan Thornett and others, 'New parties of the left: experiences from Europe', London 2011, pp202, £7

A bargain!

A subscription to the Weekly Worker is fantastic value, says Robbie Rix, as he counts his few remaining, spare pennies. Why not help him out?

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