Readers who appreciate the Weekly Worker can show it with a standing order and do their bit fighting for marxist ideas, says Robbie Rix.

Thanks very much to all those comrades subscribing to the Weekly Worker by standing order who have responded so promptly to my request last week to increase their payments. Because of Royal Mail’s price hike the cost of a sub is now £12 a quarter - still pretty good value, mind you.

Thanks in particular to the two who decided to increase it by a bit more on top - GW, who is throwing in an extra £3, and TG, who will now pay £20 every three months. And, as well as paying this extra £8 a quarter, TG enclosed a cheque for £100 - half for the Weekly Worker and half to be forwarded to the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign. Double generosity!

I also received a further £123 in standing order donations - that is, not for subscriptions, but regular gifts to support this paper. There were also three further cheques, from PL (£25) TH and SD (£10 each). And two PayPal donations made via the website - thank you, SM, for your brilliant £50 and EJ, who paid his usual monthly £35. That comes to £303 received all told, taking our running total for May’s fighting fund to £725 - exactly half of our £1,500 target. But we are now more than halfway through the month, so a degree of acceleration is called for.

Once again I must point out that the proportion of our web readers who actually make a donation is tiny. Our web readership now seems to be hovering at just under 10,000 - last week there were 9,352 of them. But just two donors out of all those thousand leads me to ask, aren’t there more of you who’d like to show your appreciation?