Urgent action

Will you help Robbie Rix hit his targets? You can easily set up a sub for as much or as little as you like!

After a poor week for the fighting fund, we now need £367 in just three days. We are asking readers and supporters to take urgent action to ensure we reach our £1,500 target for March by 12 noon on Sunday April 1, so there is no time to mail us a cheque. But there is time to make your donation using our online PayPal facility at cpgb.org.uk or by transferring it directly to our bank account: 00744310 (sort code: 30-99-64).

As usual the bulk of the £191 that came in this week arrived via standing orders. Thanks to all, especially JT for his fantastic £75. Then there were cheques for £25 from RT, £20 from JK and £8 from IR. But I can’t report any donations received via our website. True, there were far fewer readers this week - just 10,396 - once more caused by the problems with the ongoing work on the site. But it was still disappointing not to get anything at all donated online.

April 1, as well as marking the cut-off for the end of one month’s fund and the beginning of the next, sees the start of our drive to increase our subscriptions. Of course, despite our continuing website problems, the number of internet readers far exceeds those who take the printed paper. But paying subscribers are the bedrock of our finances and if we could win just an extra 100 of them, that would increase our net income by over £4,000 a year.

Of course, it is easy (and cheap!) to read us online, but there is a lot to be said for having a printed copy to read in your armchair with a cup of coffee. For a limited period new annual subscribers will be offered a special deal involving the second edition of Jack Conrad’s study of religion, Fantastic reality, which will soon be available.

Can you afford to miss out?