Is there anybody out there? Asks Robbie Rix, and if there is, remember, a small donation can make a big difference.

The mystery continues. Last week I put the sudden drop of over 5,000 in our online readership down to problems with accessing our website. But, as far as I know, this week there have been no such problems, yet the number of readers has gone down by a further hundred or so (to 14,942). ‘Baffled’ is a good way of describing my feelings.

I am less puzzled by this week’s low figure for contributions to our fighting fund, though. The second week of every month sees the lowest amount of income from standing order donors - just £105, compared to the £270 we get in week one. Nevertheless, let me thank comrades AM, DW, DV and ST for their donations - £105 is not bad for just four of you.

This week we also had three PayPal contributions - from HJ (£25), FS (£20) and EL (£10). Thank you all. Then there was a very handy £30 cheque from PL and another for £20 from JK. All that comes to £210 and takes our running total for March to £549. But, with half the month gone, we are way below where we need to be if we are to make our £1,500 target.

Time to step up the pace, comrades!